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Explore our guides and examples to quickly design and customize responsive mobile-first websites.


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You'll find all the common elements essential to any project: buttons, cards, avatars, and more.



You will find all the components needed for building dashboards, web apps, and admin panels.


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Find the sections you need and combine them into modern marketing web pages, including landing, pricing, blog, and more.


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With an intuitive markup, powerful and lightning fast build tools, Purpose UI has everything you need to turn your ideas into incredible products.


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I saw it and fell in love. Absolutely beautiful design. And great docs too! I love that when making use of the plugins they actually thought of speed and development by not to cluttering all the components and examples with ALL the plugins (cause lets get real, you never use em all), but giving you the instructions on how to add the SPECIFIC plugin you need in case you need it. That level of detail says much about the quality of service and the product.


I purchased this product about a week ago and I have to say it’s been absolutely brilliant. Besides a few minor niggles, I can’t really fault it. It’s really easy to customise and make your own. I don’t see any issues incorporating it into any CMS or web app. Great job, thanks guys.


Background images are SVG making it almost too-easy to change the colors and customize!


I am working with this product now for about 2 months on my new quite big project and I still love every bit of it. While the great design convinced me in the first place, it is also a professional solution to work with in the long run - structured very well, responsive and a lot of elements to choose from for your project. Best thing for me are the many pre-designed pages that I can use for my project with just a few changes + the recent update added a lot more of awesome templates!


I really like this theme and the team are awesome, they're really doing a great job with this theme. However, they're kinda slow to response. But it's acceptable. They accepted most of my requests and also solved bunch of bugs that are found on the latest version. I can't wait to see the v1.2. I guess it's gonna be lit! Also, looks like these guys changed the game. Now every theme maker following Purpose and doing similar stuff like pages, landings etc. Awesome! Keep up the good work! ?


I highly recommend this library if you suck at design (like me) and wanna build something great. Some templates I used to download are too complicated for what they are. The price is worth it :) In my case, the support I had from the team was awesome! The team helped me to figure out an issue that I couldn't explain. I highly recommend Webpixels for your next big project. Thank you so much for your good work ! :)


I can't say how happy I am for using this template Really a great job!


This is by far the best theme i have come across. The code is beautifully organised and uses all the latest design techniques. Support for me was very quick and very thorough. So, I couldn't be more happy with the Purpose theme. Well done guys and thanks for providing such a clean codebase to work off.


The UI design is fresh and relevant for 2022. I am new to Bootstrap and it helps me a lot of examples to build an interesting page. I think that I can use this theme not only in the current project.


What I really appreciate about this UI library is the fact that it contains hundreds of different opportunities to create beautiful webpages. I would start use this more and more!


The template is not only visually appealing, but the modular structure makes it easy to add and remove components in any web page. It's a really nice product.


Amazing looking theme and instantly turns your application into a professional looking one. Really shows that professionals have built this theme up. Very happy with the way the theme looks and the example pages are very good.


I have worked with different UI products, but this one stands out in terms of beautiful organization. The library also has many example pages and a lot of components to choose from. Can't thank you enough!


Beautifully organised library with lots of components, nice typography and standout colours. Really makes a website pop!


I really like the design and concept approach. The results are mind blowing. Just a little request: Please integrate more from data tables examples. Great job guys!

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