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Issues and Feature Requests

Technical support for each theme is given on the dedicated GitHub Issues page. The same rules are applied no matter where you buy our UI tools: directly from our website or one of our partners.

Support for the components and themes is specific to questions around functionality, bugs, and basic implementation. We cannot troubleshoot or give guidance about how other plugins or assets may work (or not) with our tools. Response times may vary depending on availability.

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have a non-technical problem or questions related to our products, please send us an email at:


If you have an issue with our CSS framework, please check our Discussions page to find or submit a new issue:


We created dedicated channels where you can ask for help other users:

If you have an issue and need to share technical details, such as code examples, errors, links, or media files, click the link below:

If you have an issue with a theme purchased from Webpixels or Bootstrap Themes, click on the one you purchased below:

Discord Community

Get feedback and help with your projects in our Discord community for anything related to Webpixels' tools. If you have questions about things like:

  • integrating a component into your project
  • customizing the design in a particular way
  • using the JavaScript plugins provided by Bootstrap

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