News and announcements for all things Webpixels, including new releases, components, @webpixels/css and more.

Webpixels 2.0 is coming soon

Nov 08, 2023

We are super happy to announce that after nearly a year of dedicated development, Webpixels (v2) is now ready for release. This substantial update marks a significant milestone for us, laying a robust foundation for the exciting features we have planned for the future.

Here are some of the highlights for our future releases:

  1. ✅ The new @webpixels/css v2.0.0
  2. ✅ A new learning center for our documentation
  3. 🚧 The new site with our library and templates
  4. 🚧 Low-code tools for faster customization and development

The first 2 steps, @webpixels/css and the new docs, are almost finished. We published them and you can test the new CSS framework, which includes the latest Bootstrap (v5.3).


As you explore our library, you'll immediately notice a standout feature: the simple and minimalist design. We invested considerable effort in meticulously selecting an optimal color palette and typography styles, enhancing the default Bootstrap components.

  • We use utility classes to create new elements
  • We don't add unnecessary styles
  • We build using the Bootstrap methodology


The new @webpixels/css is a highly customizable, drop-in Bootstrap replacement. You can use our themes in your Sass or simply drop the cdn link directly in your HTML. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple themes and colors that can be effortlessly modified using a single CSS class. Just apply either .theme-minimal or .theme-blue to your HTML body tag, and you're all set to begin.

Color modes

Both light and dark modes are available for each theme. We leverage Bootstrap's latest feature, CSS custom properties. To enable dark mode, simply add data-bs-theme="dark" to your <html> tag.


To enhance flexibility in our development, we've introduced new utilities for sizing and spacing. We've also expanded the color choices to unleash more creative possibilities, enabling the creation of stunning gradients and more."

Our goal is to maintain close compatibility with Bootstrap, ensuring a seamless transition between Bootstrap and Webpixels without any disruptions.

New Bootstrap Theme: Satoshi

Dec 27, 2022
New Bootstrap Theme: Satoshi

Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

Hope you are having wonderful and productive end of the year!

With this occasion we'd like to announce that we just published our latest Bootstrap theme. It is called Satoshi and it comes with many cool elements and pages, including some web3 and crypto features that I think you will find useful for your project.

It will be available in both library and marketplace sections. For all users with an active subscription, you will be able to download it from your Downloads page starting today.

In the following weeks, you'll be able to use it within the library as well.

As usual, your feedback is crucial. Learn more about Satoshi here

@webpixels/css v1.2

Oct 10, 2022


  • Upgraded Bootstrap to v5.2.2
  • Upgraded Popper to v2.11.6
  • New utilities, CSS variables, and optimizations


  • The compiled css (index.scss) is now composed of 2 files for performance reasons. When a variables is changed, only the necessary files will be re-compiled:
    • main.scss (includes base, component, and form styles)
    • utility.scss (includes all the utility classes)
  • Borders are now using CSS variables (border-bottom-2 becomes border-bottom border-2)
  • New .form-check-linethrough variant
  • Fixed: table-spaced components shadows issue
  • Improved: gradients now make use of CSS variables entirely
    • Deprecated: border-card, border-base
  • Deprecated: _modal-vertical.scss (replaced with offcanvas)
  • Deprecated: .navbar-search (replaced with utilities)
  • Deprecated: bg-tint, bg-shade, bg-soft (replaced with utilities, for ex. bg-primary bg-opacity-50)

See the full release on GitHub

New dashboard templates and some improvements

Oct 10, 2022
New dashboard templates and some improvements

With this update, we are bringing a few more dashboard templates for file management and account settings. Also, you'll notice some small changes on the Components page. The goal is to simplify the navigation throughout the UI snippets and make it easier for you to find the item you need.

New templates

New project and task dashboard screens

Jul 06, 2022

New additions

Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed the text-white-* opacity issue
  • Fixed the <h1></p> closing tag issue 🤦‍♂️

Explore the templates in a new view

Jul 05, 2022

New view for listing templates

Explore the UI templates in a new way. We redesigned the cover image for each example to make it easier for you to navigate through all the examples.

What changed?

  • two columns per row instead of one
  • new cover images
  • some small tweaks to the preview modal

Browse all templates

Meet the new Webpixels

May 31, 2022

The new Webpixels website is finally coming out, after 4 months of continuous development. This update is focused on how the component library works. The goal is to make it much more easier to navigate through examples so here are some of the new stuff you can try starting today:

🤩 New components explorer

Instead of having categories and click each one of them, now you’ll be able to see them all in one place and filter out the ones you need. Also, there will be a search bar to easily get the result you want.

Components explorer

Preview components in a new sexy modal

Once you find the component you need, click on it to preview the UI, but also the code. Now you will be able to tweak it and see the changes before copying it into your project.

Preview Modal

Live code editing

Once you find the component you need, click on it to preview the UI, but also the code. Now you will be able to tweak it and see the changes before copying it into your project.

Live code editing

Organize components into collections

Since our components are part of an ever-growing library, collections will allow you to create smaller batches of elements based on the category or the project’s type.

Components Explorer

Added a new tab for listing templates

Instead of mixing components and templates in one place, we thought it would be much better to separate them in two separate sections. This way you can work closer to Atomic Principles.

See it live

Improved documentation

We still have many things to add to our docs, but we are pretty happy with the result, so far. We'll keep ading more examples and features, now that Bootstrap started its big move with the v5.2 update. Here are some things you should expect in the near future:

  • Component CSS variables
  • New helpers and utilities
  • Groups of variables for root, components and utilities
  • Improved theming capabilities
  • Dark mode support out of the box

We expect to release the next major update for @webpixels/css in one month from now.

Ready to get started with Webpixels? Checkout the new Start page our new website to work in your next project!

New chat components and templates

Sep 28, 2021

In today's update we've included some pretty cool templates and components for building messaging and chat user interfaces, plus a bunch of other elements to help your craft some amazing apps.


  • Atoms category has been renamed to Basic Elements
  • Updated Webpixels CSS to v1.1.5
  • Updated Bootstrap to the latest version (v5.1.1)

New landing pages and marketing sections

Sep 03, 2021
New landing pages and marketing sections

I am happy to announce that today is the day we start releasing some cool updates on Webpixels, including new Bootstrap components and templates, site features, and functionalities meant to make your life as a developer easier and more fun.

In this week's update we've added new categories for:

Also, we've added a bunch of new ideas for:


  • Header and menus moved from Sections/Headers to Elements/Menus
  • Updated to the latest Botstrap version (v5.1.0)