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A slightly different approach to build user interfaces. No more zip files and bloated themes. Just pick up the things you need and get to coding.

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Setup your project

Start by installing Webpixels CSS in your favorite stack. It comes with the latest version of Bootstrap pre-installed, so you don't need to worry about future updates.

$ npm install @webpixels/css
$ npm install @webpixels/css
# Everything in installed

$ npm run watch
# SCSS watching
# LiveReload started
# Opening localhost:3000

$ build something great
# When you're done run the command below:

$ npm run production
# Your CSS and JS were compiled and minified

Copy snippets

Explore, copy, and mix hundreds of carefully crafted Bootstrap components and templates. See the code and make changes live in the "Code" tab, or click the clipboard button to quickly the entire snippet.

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Make it awesome 🤟

We build it, you rock it! Change colors, typography using Sass variables, or use our utilities to customize the snippet with no additional custom styles.

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UI components
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Components made just for Bootstrap

Explore, copy, and mix hundreds of carefully crafted Bootstrap components and templates.

Hero Sections
Hero Sections 18 components
Feature Sections
Feature Sections 26 components
Blog Sections
Blog Sections 1 components
Footers 6 components
Landing Pages
Landing Pages 4 components
Horizontal Layouts
Horizontal Layouts 7 components
Sidebar Layouts
Sidebar Layouts 9 components
Dashboard Templates
Dashboard Templates 4 components
Account Templates
Account Templates 5 components
Profile Cards
Profile Cards 4 components
List Cards
List Cards 16 components
Stats Cards
Stats Cards 7 components
Icon Cards
Icon Cards 2 components
Pricing Cards
Pricing Cards 13 components
List Groups
List Groups 14 components
Advanced Tables
Advanced Tables 8 components
Login/Register Forms
Login/Register Forms 4 components
Form Layouts
Form Layouts 5 components
Form Examples
Form Examples 3 components
Dropdowns 14 components

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