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To accelerate progress we need a great design. Webpixels attempts to bring the best development experience to designers and developers by offering the tools needed for having a quick and solid start in most web projects.

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Key features

Our themes are built as frameworks from the ground-up following the latest design system principles, allowing you to accelerate your development workflow while remaining consistent in your design.


All components are built to be used in any combination.


All our themes are optimized to work on most devices.


Remain consistent while developing new features.


Change a few variables and the whole theme adapts.


Integrate your brand in seconds

Simply choose any of our themes and customize them in seconds. All you need is to replace your logo, colors, fonts, plus many other properties and see how all the components and pages automatically adapt.

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Adjust the typography and styles to your needs

Themes inherit their style from custom variables, like Bootstrap, so basic customization is easy. Each theme includes all the source and compiled files, making deep customization possible.


Save production time and reduce cost

Each of our themes include a huge set of pre-designed components and pages that are already set up for you. You have everything you need to start your next web project. Get started fast, while saving money!

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Tell your unique story using illustrations

All our themes are packed with open-source illustrations, icons and images. Everything you see in the live preview pages is included with your purchase.

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Build Tools

Build tools and full documention

Components, plugins, and build tools are all thoroughly documented with live examples and markup for easier use and customization. Not comfortable diving that deep? No worries, you just use the compiled CSS and examples pages!

> $ npm install
Everything’s installed!
> $ gulp
SCSS watching
LiveReload started
Opening localhost:3000
> $ that's it?
Yep, that's it.
😱 Looks unfamiliar? Don’t worry! Our extensive documentation has got you covered.

What's inside

With an intuitive markup, powerful and lightning fast build tools, Quick has everything you need to turn your ideas into incredible products.

Hand-crafted components

Built to be customized.

Organized variables

Built to be customized.

Auto-updating styleguide

Built to be customized.

Free web fonts & icons

Built to be customized.

Open-source illustrations

Built to be customized.

Advanced grid system

Built to be customized.

Beautiful icons & fonts

Built to be customized.

Source files

Uncompiled SASS and JS files.

Build tools & docs

Built to be customized.

We are using modern web technologies

With an intuitive markup, powerful and lightning fast build tools, Quick has everything you need to turn your ideas into incredible products.


Start building using well crafted themes

Incredibly well crafted themes built with reuse and modularity at the core which forms the ideal starting point for most web projects.

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