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Boomerang – Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Boomerang - Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme is a complete solution for any idea. It is perfect for businesses, startups, agencies, real estate, institutions, portfolios, blogs, e-commerce and so much more.

About Boomerang
Boomerang comes with complete layouts for homepages, blogging, portfolio showcasing, e-commerce and countless other ready to use page designs. And all of these complex features were done without making any compromise in the matter of code optimization or speed. All the layouts are included in one place. A single and clean stylesheet for all these features. Of course, you have the liberty to optimize it as you see fit for your project. Boomerang is built with Sass, which means less time for customization. In less than 5 minutes you can have a different website. Even you are a web developer or not, you will love how easy is to make your website. Boomerang comes with 4 complete Shop Templates and it includes all the necessary page layouts so you can start the work.
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Quick Preview
Boomerang is a premium Bootstrap theme that includes adaptable layouts and modular components needed for having a quick and solid start in most web projects.

Key Features