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With dismissible button

With outline border

With text

With image

With badge

With outline border

With simple links

With large avatar and stats

With solid color

With theme color

With label

With multiple colors

With striped bg

With light bg and centered links

With dark bg and centered links

With simple links

With simple tabbed links

With simple pill buttons

With left/right arrows

With right buttons

With image and text

With wide image and text

With image, text, and badge with but...

With text only

With horizontal image and text

With image and price

With default inputs + button

With label and default style

With label and input

With input group and left addon

With input group and left/right text

With input group and right text

With input and placeholder

With label, input and helper text

With label + hint and input

With invalid input

With valid input

Ask a question

With avatars and badges

With arrows and offset

With simple title