Application Components

All the components needed for building dashboards and apps.


Horizontal Layouts
Horizontal Layouts 7 components
Sidebar Layouts
Sidebar Layouts 9 components
Column Layouts
Column Layouts 7 components

Application Pages

Dashboard Screens
Dashboard Screens 4 components
Detail Screens
Coming soon
Auth Screens
Auth Screens 4 components
Account Screens
Account Screens 3 components
Messaging Screens
Messaging Screens 8 components


Navbar 17 components
Vertical Navbar
Vertical Navbar 14 components
Pagination 7 components
Navs 9 components


Page Headings
Page Headings 8 components
Section Headings
Section Headings 6 components
Card Headings
Card Headings 5 components
Profile Headings
Profile Headings 3 components


Basic Cards
Basic Cards 5 components
Profile Cards
Profile Cards 4 components
Avatar Cards
Avatar Cards 5 components
List Cards
List Cards 16 components
Social Cards
Social Cards 7 components
Stats Cards
Stats Cards 7 components
Icon Cards
Icon Cards 2 components
Pricing Cards
Pricing Cards 13 components
Progress Cards
Progress Cards 7 components
Shop Cards
Shop Cards 1 components
Finance Cards
Finance Cards 1 components


List Groups
List Groups 14 components
Large Lists
Large Lists 3 components
Coming soon


Spaced Rows Tables
Spaced Rows Tables 3 components
Advanced Tables
Advanced Tables 8 components


Form Groups
Form Groups 16 components
File inputs
File inputs 6 components
Login/Register Forms
Login/Register Forms 4 components
Form Layouts
Form Layouts 5 components
Form Examples
Form Examples 3 components

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