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Boomerang – Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

All of the recent releases are listed below. Be sure you have a valid license and to consult the documentation for more information on how to use this theme.


Released March 5, 2020
  • Real Estate property description page - /pages/real-estate/property.html
  • Cookie Settings with checkbox selection - /pages/inner/cookie-settings.html

  • Bootstrap updated to v4.1.1

Bug fixes
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Accordion card-title margin removed
  • Collapse border and heading color fixed for dark mode


Released February 10, 2020
  • Theme styles - Choose between LIGHT or DARK (See the docs)

  • Updated HTML files to meet the dark style requirements
  • Updated documentation

Bug fixes
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes


Released January 3, 2020
  • New inner page added: About Timeline

  • Enhanced timeline functionality

Bug fixes
  • Minor bug fixes


Released November 17, 2019
  • Homepage layouts
  • Blog layouts

  • New navigation style. A more visual approach in order to easily find the layout you need
  • Optimized CSS for some components
  • Default font family changed to "Nunito"
  • Updated documentation


Released September 30, 2018
  • Optimized code for navigation bars
  • Optimized HTML markup for some modules

Bug fixes
  • Minor bug fixes


Released September 19, 2018
  • Introduction 4 Full Demos for Startups
  • Shop, quick product view (examples in the shop pages)
  • Plugin, Imagine for parallax effect for images and content
  • Blog, 10 new page layouts
  • More portfolio layout options added

  • Navbar dropdown toggle on hover became optional. It now opens on mouse click (learn more: /documentation/blocks/headers)
  • The default folder structure was modified in order to make room for the new demos. The default template is now located in html > default
  • Navbar, caret option for dropdown added (add .dropdown-toggle next to .nav-link)
  • Blog pages were modified and optimized + other examples have been added

  • Startup Agency + 4 Secondary Pages (html/startup-agency)
  • Startup App + 4 Secondary Pages (html/startup-app)
  • Startup Analitycs + 4 Secondary Pages (html/startup-analitycs)
  • Startup Classic + 4 Secondary Pages (html/startup-classic)

Bug fixes
  • Card flip initialization on the first-page load didn't work correctly
  • Other minor bug fixes


Released July 8, 2018
  • Copy/Paste functionality for any of the components included in the documentation
  • Drag-and-drop file upload made with Dropdzone (learn more in the docs in Components > Forms)
  • Custom input files for browsing files to upload (learn more in the docs in Components > File browser)
  • Notifications
  • Plugin, Select2 for custom select dropdowns (/assets/vendor/select2)
  • Plugin, Typeahead for autocomplete functionality
  • Plugin, Textarea Autosize for auto growing textarea's height (/assets/vendor/textarea-autosize)
  • Plugin, Dropzone for drag and drop file upload (/assets/vendor/dropzone)
  • Plugin, Fancybox3, jQuery lightbox script for displaying images, videos and more (included license for 1 product)
  • Plugin, Headroom for hiding your header until you need it (learn more in the docs in Blocks > Header > Headroom)

  • Bootstrap version to v4.0.0-beta 2 (from Bootstrap 4.0.0-beta)
  • CSS file global-style.css was renamed to boomerang.css
  • SASS file global-style.scss was renamed to boomerang.min.scss
  • JS file was renamed to boomerang.js
  • Updated documentation with integrated components and code examples
  • Improved and optimized card styles in Sass file _cards.scss
  • Lightbox functionality integrated with Instafeed for an elegant presentation of Instagram pics
  • The contact forms from all the contact pages have been updated to process submited form with AJAX and the script file can be loaded via data-action="PATH_TO_FILE

Bug fixes
  • Contact form sending script
  • Minor bugs

  • the bootstrap-select plugin was removed (replaced with select2)
  • lightgallery plugin was removed (replaced with fancybox3)
  • .product-color was replaced with .checkbox-color
  • .product-color-circle was replaced with .checkbox-color-circle
  • .product-size was replaced with .checkbox-alphanumeric
  • .switch was replaced with .toggle-switch
  • .b-xs-* was replaced with .border


Released June 30, 2018
  • All industry layouts have been re-designed and optimized
  • Portfolio pages design have been updated and optimized
  • Updated Google Maps Filters: (Light, Gray, and Blue)

  • 10 new homepages/landing pages for various industry
  • New portfolio page category have been added (Full Width)
  • 4 new portfolio homepages (Agency, Creative, Photography and Minimal)
  • Photography landing page (homepages/homepage-photography.html)
  • New footer styles
  • Plugin WOW added for animating elements on scroll (assets/vendor/wow)
  • Plugin Flip added for flipping animation on cards (assets/vendor/flip)
  • Plugin Adaptive Backgrounds added for getting the dominant color of an image so it can be used as background (assets/vendor/adaptive-backgrounds)
  • Form features: Material style with animated bar and floating labels


Released May 15, 2018
  • Bootstrap 4.0.0-beta (from Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha)
  • Primary color (blue to red: from the original Boomerang)
  • Folder name "scss" renamed to "sass"
  • Updated navigation (migrated to 4.0.0-beta + new styles and structure)
  • Optimized headers and navigation bars
  • Viewport Checker plugin (assets/vendor/viewport-checker)
  • The Style Switcher was temporarily removed for optimization purposes until the next update
  • All third-party plugins are located within the assets/vendor folder

  • Popper plugin (Bootstrap 4.0.0-beta dependency)
  • Revolution Slider plugin
  • Index page for Revolution and Boomerang Slider (find it in the Features > Sliders menu)
  • New ready to use slider examples for both Revolution and Boomerang Slider
  • New homepages added (6 new homepage layouts for multiple scopes: business, portfolio, presentation, blog and e-commerce)
  • Blog homepages (3 new homepage layouts for magazine, business, technology)
  • New demo folder added: html/real-estate
  • New demo folder added: html/recruitment
  • New demo folder added: html/magazine
  • Real Estate homepage 3 (html/real-estate/homepage-real-estate-3.html)
  • Real Estate secondary pages (lists, grids, description page)
  • Newsletter templates
  • Linea icons (over 500 new icons ready to use)
  • Index page for all header examples (elements/header.html)
  • Index page for Revolution Slider template examples (sliders/revolution-slider)
  • Index page for Boomerang Slider template examples(sliders/boomerang-slider)

  • Tether plugin (Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha dependency)


Released February 20, 2018
  • Updated to Bootstrap 4-alpha
  • Enhanced overall design
  • Re-created the main structure from scratch
  • New page designs and features
  • Improved performance and speed
  • Included multi-industry layouts
  • Built with SASS