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UI components
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Powerful HTML components that you can copy/paste to create new pages in just a few minutes 💪

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Key Features

Purpose UI gives you the power to rapidly concept and build your own websites using your favorite technologies.


Select and import what you need and use it in any combination.


All components and pages are optimized to work on most devices.


Change a few Sass variables and the whole website adapts instantly.


Start small and add new features anytime, while remaining consistent.


Detailed block and component library

Whether you’re building a simple page or coming up with concepts for a whole new web app, we’ve prepared the UI tools you need for an amazing development experience.

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Base Components

You'll find all the common elements: buttons, cards, avatars, and more.

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Application Components

All the components needed for building dashboards and admin panels.

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Marketing Components

Find the sections you need and combine them into beautiful web pages.

Pages and Layouts

Beautiful collection of designer-made templates

Get your new web design project started with these amazing templates, or copy and paste elements into your existing projects to give them a creative boost.

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Block-based pages

Pre-build and fully-responsive pages for multiple scenarios.

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Limitless layouts

Simple layout and page examples to quickly get a project started.

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Complete design system

Align your projects and maintain consistency with a solid style guide.

Build Tools

Build tools and extensive documention

Automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something using Gulp, Webpack, or Laravel Mix.

$ npm install
# Everything in installed

$ npm run watch
# SCSS watching
# LiveReload started
# Opening localhost:3000

$ build something great
# That's it! when you're done run the command below:

$ npm run production
# Your CSS and JS were compiled and minified

Install via npm

Install all dependencies from your command line via npm.

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Compile source files

All JS, CSS, and Sass files will be automatically compiled.

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Live reload

Your browser will automatically refresh and display the changes.

What's inside

A combination of features to develop modern websites at ease.

Based on Bootstrap 5

Get started with Bootstrap, the world’s most popular CSS toolkit for building responsive, mobile-first sites.

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Comprehensive style guide to help you adapt your projects and maintain consistency.

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Complete design system

Create beautiful and production-ready user interfaces, while remaining consistent.

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Meaningful Colors

Color variables and utilities offer powerful styling options without being tied to structure.

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Flexible Grid

Use Bootstrap's flexbox grid to build layouts of all shapes and sizes thanks to a twelve column system.

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Spacing System

Spacings bring vertical and horizontal consistency, while remaining flexible so you can tweak layouts when needed.

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Modular Approach

Depending on your project's purpose, you have multiple pre-built options to support your work.

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100% Responsive

Breakpoints enable you to control when your layout can be adapted at a particular viewport or device size.

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